About Us

Dave and Ian met and became good friends in 2009. At that time, Dave had been brewing from kits for several years and the pair shared many an evening enjoying the end results. In November 2012, Dave bought Ian a kit for his birthday. After a few brews, Ian’s curiosity got the better of him and being a chartered mechanical engineer in a process industry, Ian started to look into “All-Grain Brewing”. The pair started researching together, by Christmas, Ian had converted a cool box into a Mash Tun and borrowed a Burco Boiler. On the 27th December, they brewed their first batch of beer from grain. Over the following month’s the equipment was developed and they started to develop their first recipe. The recipe became popular at a few BBQs over the summer, with friends and relatives giving very positive feedback, it was suggested that we let the public provide feedback by entering it into a local beer festival. St Gerard’s Club in Lostock Hall were keen to have a local beer at their festival and encouraged us to provide a cask. The beer festival was a turning point for us, “Initiate” was the first cask to sell out. We quickly set about registering Bishop’s Crook as a brewery, since then, things have moved on very quickly.